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Bactericides &

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IN-MEPRONA | With Formaldehyde

Anti Salmonella


Effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide additive, designed for  control of salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria; control of fungi and mycotoxins in feed ingredients for animals. It is a synergistic mixture of stabilized formaldehyde, formic and ammoniacal salts.




Drums of 220Kg net weight
and/or IBC of 1100 Kg.

Profor | Without Formaldehyde

Organic acids blend | Anti Salmonella | Antifungal


Transparent liquid additive based on propionic acid and formic acid that has a powerful disinfectant effect. Strong microbicidal effect on all types of pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter, usually present in food plants, grain storage and processes in the manufacturing of fishmeal. It reduces the pH inside the cell, which alters its balance, causing a disrupting effect on the synthesis of DNA and proteins. These changes prevent pathogenic bacteria from multiplying in the feed.

Drums of 220Kg net weight
and/or IBC of 1150 Kg.

In-forlex  | Without Formaldehyde

Organic acids blend | Raw material preservative
for control of Enterobacteria


Non-corrosive liquid additive designed as a preservative of raw materials. Also controls levels of enterobacteria and reduces organoleptic alterations of fish and fishery products used in the production of fishmeal, balanced food, and raw materials. It acts selectively on the Enterobacteria (Salmonella, Escherichia, Proteus, Klebsiella) that form histamine.


1150 kg. IBC

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