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TVBN volatilizer in processing lines of meals from animal origin.
Viscosity reducer in the stickwater concentrate.

BIO-AMIN-SX is a biotechnological additive who, along with its application, is in the process of being patented in the USA. This latest generation additive is enhanced by a food-grade enzyme in a medium that favors its specific activity (a mixture of compounds and buffers classified as GRAS).

BIO-AMIN-SX generates the necessary biochemical reactions to avoid the increase of total volatile nitrogenous compounds (TVBN), preserving the quality and increasing the quantity of soluble protein and amino acids thanks to the effective hydrolysis of the raw material. It reduces the organoleptic alterations of the animal during the meal elaboration process, especially those related to the flavor, smell and texture of the muscle, providing high levels of antioxidant protection that significantly improve the quality of the final meal.

This product is applied in stickwater through an automatic dosing system.

BIO-AMIN-SX reduces the viscosity of the concentrate, which brings several associated benefits; It facilitates the evaporation of water and unwanted compounds which allow to increase the solid content, reduces the energy costs of the evaporator plant and facilitates the cleaning of production lines.

1200 kg. IBC


 Reduces TVBN in animal origin meals.
 Biochemical precursor to preserve proteins and amino acids.
 Produces distillation of the toxic products generated in the decomposition of proteins and amino acids.
 Increases the efficiency of dryers and evaporators by reducing the viscosity of the stickwater concentrate.
 Removes components that cause bad odors, significantly mitigating the environmental impact of fishmeal production and storage.

 BIO-AMIN-SX formulations also enables it to fulfill an antioxidant function, which contributes positively to the quality of fishmeal.

 It acts selectively, trapping the compounds that cause undesirable alterations.


Anti-emulsifying fat reducer

Liquid, viscous product. Formulated for the reduction of total fat in the process of making fishmeal. It allows the emulsion to be eliminated in the Sardine and Anchovy meal process, producing a hydrolyzate that separates fat from carbohydrates and proteins, obtaining easily soluble short-chain fatty acids.

Lipomix has been designed to dose between 2-4 Kg/m3 of process water, directly in the cooking and pressing liquors of fishmeal processing, resulting in low-fat content.


1600 kg. IBC


Antioxidant of fishing processes

Liquid product of medium viscosity. It is formulated by a mixture of natural antioxidants and inorganic salts that act preventing lipid hydrolysis and as a consequence prevents the increase in acidity in fishmeal.

REDINOX is formulated mainly to avoid organoleptic alterations of the fish due to its antioxidant effect since it prevents the breakdown and lipid degradation of the raw material during the process of making fishmeal.


REDINOX acts by preventing reactions that generate hydrolysis of short and medium-chain acids through their antioxidant character, thus curbing the hydrolytic rancidity that is generated in the lipid fractions present in fish.

1200 kg. IBC

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